Big business of green energy

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RE: WIND turbines.

The giants are coming, they are attempting to encircle our towns and villages. Fuelled by hefty government subsidies, wind turbines are big business, disguised as a greener way to produce energy.

I understand that landowners will be paid to have these monstrosities on their premises, and I also understand that they will be paid for 25 years. When the energy and raw materials used to manufacture these enormous structures is taken into account, the noise pollution, the disruption to wildlife, are they so ‘green?’

So what happens at the end of 25 years when the payments stop and the wind turbines are obsolete, will they be dismantled by those who constructed them, or will the ratepayers have to clear up the countryside.

It has been suggested that for every £6 of subsidy only £1 of electricity will be produced, if his is so, surely we can explore other methods to solve our energy problem, dare I suggest we use a bit less electricity.

Margaret Scott

Bridge Close