Birds worse than ever

I wholeheartedly agree with everything TW Ward wrote about the seabirds and his letter beat me to write to you about it.

Last week I too noticed that the bird situation had got worse than ever. I was waiting for my husband on Roscoe Street and the screaming from the surrounding roof tops was unbearable and scary. The birds have taken over so many roof tops in town and it needs sorting out now.

The mess they make is there for all to see who walk the town and sea front. I have had my clothes dirtied by them on a few occasions and have helped visitors clean their clothes, by offering wipes and water to them.

The Valley near to the pond is fouled all over the pavement with the dirt the geese make and try and clean their mess off your clothes it’s green and black.

One thing that has alarmed me is that many parents who are visitors let their tiny children feed chips etc to the huge birds. It scares me to see this and I said to my husband that bird could peck that child’s eye out.

Another problem in our area is people feed these birds and they then come back and scream for food daily. It is not a joke when others have to redo their washing and clean the car again and windows etc. Something must be done and the councillors who use the Town Hall know there is a big problem. It’s also on their doorstep!!!!

Jo Drydale

Parkfield Gardens