Blackpool comments a threat to Futurist

I READ with great surprise “the adapt or die” advice given by ‘Tourism guru’ Iain Hawkins.

I have, for the past few years visited Blackpool a couple of time a year, I would not have believed the decline over the past two years or so if I hadn’t actually seen it myself.

Shop after shop boarded up, shows not starting until June or so. I think the desperation being shown in Blackpool is illustrated by the ‘wonderful’ idea to charge to go in Pleasure Beach (£5), so now you actually have to pay to go in and pay what are already high prices. Wonder if Mr Hawkins had anything to do with this idea? All the disruption caused by digging up the promenade was perhaps unavoidable. Mind you it over- ran by an awful long time.

But why couldn’t the Tower be sandblasted etc in winter? The new ‘development’ which seems to be causing most concern (not to mention derision), is the ‘Wedding Centre’ on promenade - needless to say, months late in being completed.

Mr Hawkins ascertains that ‘stags and hen parties should be encouraged - well talking to locals, both resident and business, they hate these things and feel sure it is having an adverse affect on the town.

To class the Sea Life Centre and Tussauds as new attractions (or at least infer it) is ridiculous – Tussauds had changed ownership but has been there for years and years (probably more than 40) and Sea Life Centre for approximately 15 years (but probably more).

In conclusion, to even suggest that Scarborough must compete with a place like Blackpool is ludicrous - Scarborough hadn’t the space for a start off - please don’t misunderstand me, Scarborough needs investment - particularly and so importantly for renovation/modernisation of Futurist .

I have just had a thought - surely this Iain Hawkins spiel is not just another ‘string to the bow’ of the section of council, who, for many years have wanted rid of the Futurist, after all development/investment area in South Bay can only be the Futurist and surroundings. The more I think about the timing of Iain Hawkins and the decision on Futurist, the more I think this could be part of the plan to get rid of the Futurist.

Mike Maxwell

New Parks Crescent