Blowing a fuse over Christmas lights cost

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re your article about our town’s Christmas lights being used in future years, or not?

Our inept council members have shown our trusting townsfolk that they are “not fit for service”.

Gradually, our display of street lights and activities have been reduced by our council and I fail to see how this year’s poor effort could possibly cost £10,500. After all, we have had better displays in previous years, and apart from buying a few bulbs and fuses etc what has the £10,500 been spent on?

Can’t be wages as we already have the staff and equipment.

And our shops etc pay for their own, thank god for the superb display by Boyes store. Our town is quite large as opposed to our neighbour’s Pickering and Bridlington, small towns whose Christmas displays are far more superior to ours, so where does the money quoted go to?

Brian Rutter

Garfield Road