Boorish teens go about unpunished

IS THERE an enforceable anti-litter policy in Scarborough? Following a rather unpleasant experience recently, it would appear not.

For about 25 years, my wife and I have been taking annual holidays in your town, this year for a second visit.

Last Thursday afternoon, September 1, we were returning to our hotel along Queen’s Parade when we noticed two youths, aged about 13 or 14, sitting on a bench and drinking some type of (presumably) soft drink from litre bottles.

Having emptied the bottles, both youths then proceeded to hurl them down the hillside, despite there being two litter bins with 10 metres of where they were.

When my wife asked why they had done this, she got the most foul-mouthed reply, told to mind her own business and they could get away with anything in this town.

We reported the incident to our hotel manager who said she had a contact number, but the lads had by now disappeared, so we thought that was the end of it.

Not so, I came out of the hotel at about 7pm, with several members of my family, the original pair, one slightly chubby and wearing the obligatory ‘hoodie’, despite the temperature being 22C, and the other smaller ‘gobby’ youth, together with several of their cronies, had gathered at the top end of Blenheim Terrace.

We were subjected to a barrage of crude abuse as my party set out for an evening meal.

However, the most disturbing and disgusting incident occurred when a tall, lanky youth, slightly older than the main group, simulated a lewd act in front of us, including my five year old granddaughter.

It was with the utmost restraint that we ignored them. I would think local residents, perhaps their parents, know just who these louts are and are suitably ashamed.

What saddens me greatly is that such an historic and iconic resort can harbour this kind of boorish behaviour, perpetrated with complete impunity.

Needless to say, I will think twice in future before visiting Scarborough again.

Brian Liptrot

Hunger Hill