Bordering on the absurd

RE: You should represent where you live?

Some folk seem to have a touching and absurd faith that administrative boundaries represent communities.

I have now lived in Woodlands, Central and Northstead without ever moving. I turn left out the bottom of my street and within a hundred yards or so have gone into three different wards (Northstead, Central and Stepney) and if I cross the old railway line I can add Woodlands.

And don’t forget some years ago the eastern side of St John’s Road was in Castle and Ireton Street was split into three County electoral divisions. Of course Northstead school is in the Woodlands electoral division.

When wards followed parish boundaries, often based on becks, eg Newby and Woodlands, neighbours were often in different wards, eg Wreyfield Drive, St Leonard’s Crescent so alternative houses could be in different wards.

From your correspondents’ viewpoints, which neighbour could represent the street?

David Billing

Councillor, Central Ward (just outside)

Lyell Street