Boro deserve to have own ground

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THE COUNCIL have at last decided the fate of the Athletic Ground and are going to bulldoze 100 years of Boro football folklore into the dust, with only a smoke and mirrors promise of a new ground, which at best is going to be a sports village. Boro need a football ground not to be part of a sports complex.

They keep saying within the next five years. When does this period start? Let’s hope we still have a senior club to occupy it.

If the Athletic Ground had been leased back to the Boro when the council had purchased it, it would have served the town’s senior club and would not have fallen into a state of disrepair, but maybe that was their plan all along, and what has happened to the covenant that has conveniently disappeared?

Now they have decided to go down this route surely this would have made a better site for Tesco than the proposed site in town and, who knows, people may have started to use the park and ride.

G Rickard

Columbus Ravine