Breakwater solution is a win-win idea

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WITH REGARD to breakwaters between South Bay Pool and the Futurist Theatre. A similar scheme was built by the Environment Agency in the 1990s.

These breakwaters would not only protect the Spa walls but would build up the beach to the point that Scarborough would literally be able to boast a golden mile of sand.

At the present time during high water the only part of beach exposed is between the Futurist slipway and the Lifeboat Station. This is entirely due to Scarborough Council’s policy of removing thousands of tons of sand and dumping it at the Spa to be washed down the coast. Up to 10 years ago we had at least twice the beach stretching as far as the Spa walls.

The breakwater scheme for the South Bay would be far cheaper, make the beach safer for bathers, encourage wildlife and make a perfect marine habitat for many sea creatures. It’s a win, win solution with no negative aspects.

We are presently paying consultants an exorbitant amount of money just to come up with expensive, dangerous alternatives, ruining the integrity and beauty of our historic Spa.

Breakwaters are not only unintrusive but will directly or indirectly make millions for Scarborough and surrounding areas.

Brian Hewitt