Brian brightened many people’s lives

HOW we miss dear Brian Shipley, gentleman, wit, charmer, top bloke and an absolute tour de force in the hospitality industry (as it is now), the like of whom will most likely never be seen again.

There’ll be many people of a certain age who grew up with Scalby Manor, Brian’s remarkable pub-cum-disco where loves were made and lost, far enough away from the town centre to be a bit exotic but so very much part of our Scarborough heritage.

And Bryherstones in Cloughton - miles off the beaten track and, in an age where driving and drinking were at last recognised as not at all sensible, still cramming ‘em in - its popularity as a great place to be outweighing the cost of the cab fare and unlikely to be repeated - great food, good beer and the common denominator - Brian.

If you were ever in the audience for our once hugely popular summer shows, it was only a matter of time before Brian was singled out by the comedian, Brian’s signature laugh contagious as ever, filling the hall with laughter.

Jasper Carrot - Bob Davis by any other name - ran a folk artist agency through which my friend, Rahim, The Penthouse’s Peter Adams, booked his tremendous Sunday acts. Whenever Jasper appeared at The Futurist, he’d ask: “Is Peter Adams here? And Brian Shipley?”; roars of laughter and applause which needed no explanation.

Brian brightened many a life, bless him. He leaves a hole that’ll take some filling. We loved you to bits, Brian.

Mat Watkinson

Stepney Road