Bring signage up to date

Re “Anger at fine over seafront parking”:

The problem of signage for parking in Scarborough has been ongoing since the borough council was found guilty of maladministration over on-street parking rules and fines in 2004.

It would indicate that since that date minor adjustments have been made but only when they have been indicated to the authorities mainly by Keith Hughes the retired police traffic officer.

Other than that nobody has bothered.

Driving round the town the road markings are in many places either faded or in parts no longer there except for odd bits.

That is without even going into the farcical “cycle lanes” that stop and start all over the place around town.

It really is time that whoever road signage comes under got their house in order and the road signage brought up to date, repainted where needed and more importantly made legal.

PJS Waller

Woodville Ave