Britain: Sorry state of the nation

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There are many thousands of ordinary people living in Britain who are very concerned at what is happening to our once great country.

I am fed up with preaching politicians who are continually making promises about our future in Europe, securing our borders from illegal immigrants, and making our society fairer for all.

I am fed up with the human rights ego-fanatics and ethnic minorities who call us racists, when in fact they are the worst offenders who make no effort to integrate or even learn our language. I am worried about the hundreds of Africans and Asians currently rioting in France whilst waiting for an opportunity to jump on to a lorry, trailer, car or caravan to carry them illegally into Britain where they will claim asylum and welfare benefits.

I am appalled at the way children in Rotherham were groomed for sex exploitation over a 16 year period involving 1,400 children. Only one person to date has resigned, other councillors, social workers, and police accept no responsibility. The children now appear to have been abandoned for fear of being accused of racism by the politically correct brigade, who consider that more important than children’s safety!

It is unbelievable that a British family was hounded like a terrorist across Europe because they removed their very sick 5-year-old son from a south coast hospital because they wished him to have the latest available treatment in Prague. When captured, the parents were imprisoned, their other two children put into care and the little boy was kept in hospital isolation. What an awful experience for all the family.

The outcome is the child will receive treatment in Prague, I sincerely hope it is successful and a dramatic change in our judicial system is the result.

For the record our wig and gown brigade do appear tough with sentences but by the time liberal do-gooders have deducted time off for a multiplicity of reasons, a life sentence only means at most half.

I get annoyed with sociologists, human rights activists and civil liberty ego-trippers who are eroding our freedom and free speech.

I find it very sad that modern education does not include good behaviour, good manners and self respect and their responsibility to society in general and deplore parents who fail to correct their siblings for misbehaviour.

In my humble opinion there’s something wrong with Great Britain today.

Mr Brignall

Hall Park Grove