Build a new power station in the town

C CHARLES (Letters June 15) is wrong on a number of accounts.

Since when were collieries, power stations and slag heaps a tourist attraction and more to the point, sited in areas of such beauty as the Yorkshire Wolds.

Also, electricity pylons aren’t moving structures capable of causing disturbances of both noise and flicker to anyone living nearby.

I’m also pleased that the writer can afford to switch on his electric kettle, which may not be the case in future if consumers continue to subsidise such inefficient technology as wind power generation.

To make the point, Scottish Power, over the last couple of months, has given a total of £3.6m compensation to Scottish wind farms to turn off their turbines during times of low electricity demand.

Last week the same provider announced a 10% increase in the cost of its electricity, most of which will go towards wind power generation, including compensation to the wind farms in such situations as mentioned.

I do agree with the writer however that this country needs to build both nuclear and/or coal fired power stations to support wind farms, otherwise we face future power black outs. Can I therefore be the first to suggest that the next one is built in the centre of Scarborough, therefore giving much pleasure to your correspondent.

Bob Alders

Hall Park Road