Buildings count cost of fiscal downturn

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RE: TOWN Hall Facts

The Town Hall Question: The old Scarborough Building Society building has been empty for a long time. WHY? - Because we are in a recession! There are not enough businesses in the area needing office space. If the council offices are moved then their old offices will more than likely become just as empty as the Building Society ones are now, with one important difference – the current buildings are in the town centre and prominent for all to see.

In the current climate it may be years till the whole of the extended Futurist site is developed. So 300 odd workers who buy and move around the town centre will be able to boost Morrison’s trade and add yet another nail in the coffin of the town centre.

Yes the town council has, like all of us, financial problems - we are in a depression, but we have come out of many depressions before as well as two wars.

Our Town Hall is an imposing building; in an imposing physical position deserving of an imposing town and Mr Dillon has no right to sell it off without a public referendum and without providing the public with all the facts. Given all these facts in an open and unbiased way the people of Scarborough have better grounds for their decision, no matter what it is.

I have heard many “facts” from different people involved with the town hall:

1) Apparently many Scarborough Borough Council workers in the town hall have made it clear that they do not want to move out of the town centre.

a) Has there been a compulsory unpressured secret ballot to gauge their wishes?

b) If there has then the towns people should know what they were asked, how, and the exact results, not a watered down version provided by those who want only what they want.

2) It has been said that this three million for the town hall site is in fact a loan that has to be paid back?

3) The council is not being given the Seamer offices but will have to pay rent forever?

Shirley Sheppard

Castle Ward