Bus cutbacks: Disadvantage to residents

If the North Yorkshire County Council implements its decision to severely restrict the bus service on the number 4 route in Scarborough, then some of the residents of the South Cliff area are going to be badly disadvantaged as regards bus transport into the town centre. The nearest available bus route will be the number one.

At the moment it is possible to board this bus at the junction of West Street and Avenue Victoria. The problem comes on the return journey.

It is possible to alight somewhere between Esplanade Gardens and Avenue Victoria, but this depends on the driver being willing to stop somewhere in this area.

This, however, is not always the case. Last Wednesday, for instance, I pressed the bell, as usual, after passing the traffic lights at the junction of West Street and Prince of Wales Terrace, expecting the bus to stop somewhere near Esplanade Road. The bus, however, kept going, and when I asked the driver when we were going to stop, he told me that it would be at the next bus stop. This turned out to be at Belvedere Road. As a result I had to walk from there to Dulverton Hall.

Now, I am a fairly fit 77-year-old, but I still found that walk, on that cold day with a bitter wind, very hard going. Imagine how hard it would have been then or some of my fellow residents at Dulverton Hall, some of whom are 17 years older than me, but who still like to get out.

I am not, however, just concerned for those who live at Dulverton Hall, but for all those elderly persons who live at South Cliff.

Could not a designated bus stop be sited somewhere between Esplanade Gardens and Avenue Victoria, so that those who want to alight in this area can be certain of doing so, rather than depending on the willingness of the driver to stop.

Michael Nuttall

Dulverton Hall