Bus cutbacks: Park and ride is wasteful

I read with amazement about the bus cuts proposed by North Yorkshire County Council. I have always considered them to be “a bit dim” but this beats them all.

As anyone in this town will tell you, the way to save money painlessly without cutting any of these routes would be to get rid of the other routes with the empty buses, ie the park and ride.

I estimate that they use 12 buses for both park and rides and most of them run empty, firstly close Filey Road site completely, then run two buses from the Seamer Road site (one per hour) and you would struggle to keep these full.

This saves 10 buses at £300 per bus per day = £3,000 per day or £1,095,000 per annum. Sell the 10 buses and the Filey Road site and you would have at least the £2,000,000 saving and no disruption to anyone in the town, then as a goodwill gesture maybe all the councillors could ride on the 10 buses into oblivion.

John Gregory

Fenwick Close