Bus cutbacks: Service is a vital lifeline

I read with dismay your article about the cancellation of some bus routes in Scarborough and outlying districts from April this year.

The residents of both East and West Ayton who use the number 8 bus into Scarborough on a daily basis have been conducting a vigorous campaign to keep its twice daily timetable in place-yes, you have read that correctly, it only runs twice each day, six days a week so we would like to know how North Yorkshire County Council can justify its cancellation whilst still operating buses every 10 minutes to Eastfield, seven days a week and the park and ride buses again every few minutes, both of which can be often seen carrying only one or two passengers.

Our Ayton bus is nearly always full, it provides not only transport to Scarborough but a vital lifeline for many elderly people and non drivers, who cannot bear the costs of taxis as an alternative, who have appointments with doctors, hospitals etc.

We are constantly been told by bureaucratic departments to “get out and mix in the community, it’s good for your health” but many passengers will not be able to “mix” and spend their money in Scarborough’s shops, thus affecting our town’s economy too.

Another consideration should be that the Government reminds us to use public transport instead of individual cars, thus cutting pollution, yet this council seems to be hell bent on doing the opposite!

Have the council really thought this through properly - not too late to change your minds and listen to our rural community’s point of view!

Moyra J Woolley

Broadlands Drive

East Ayton