Buses not the same

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I AM a little confused by the pictures shown and the information given about the Vintage Bus. Are the bus discovered in Belgium and the one shown on the 116 service supposed to be the same? They are not the same if the registration number given is correct for the one discovered in Belgium.

My eyes are not as good as they used to be and my memory may play tricks sometimes but the registration number of the one pictured parked at ‘Valley Bridge Bus Station’ (whatever happened to that?) was LHN 482C, Fleet Number 482, and the driver standing outside the cab door looks like George Popple, one of three brothers that worked for United. Harry and Ernie were inspectors, George later moved to the depot in Vernon Road as a bus scheduler.

I remember Keith Kitching working as a conductor at Scarborough and wonder if he remembers the unofficial driving he did before passing his driving test.

Gordon England

United 1955 -1986, East Yorks 1986-1990

Holbeck Avenue