Bye-laws are ignored, so why bother relaxing them?

RE the front page in the Evening News about relaxing the bye-laws re dogs in Manor Road cemetery.

What laws? Despite quite clear signs you can walk through Manor Road cemetery any day of the week and see dogs loose, urinating around grave stones, on paths, wherever, not to mention unruly, brainless delinquents using the headstones for leapfrog or goal-posts.

Not all dog owners are this irresponsible, but those who choose to ignore the signs can do so with no danger of being prosecuted.

Yes, let’s waste some public money altering signs that are for the best part ignored.

Other so-called bye-laws? What about no drinking alcohol in the streets?

Take a walk down Alma Parade, not 100 yards from the police station, any morning between 9am and 11am and you can see Scarborough’s finest. Cans in hand, only occasionally being chatted to by specials (constables not Carlsberg!).

A ‘pedestrian precinct’? You’d be safer standing in the centre of the A64 than walking down Westborough. Cyclists hurtling down, skateboarders, kids on scooters, all doing so unquestioned. Not to mention, of course, the constant delivery wagons throughout the day, not in the designated times.

Tell me, what is the point of bringing in bye-laws with no effort to enforce them?

I suggest councillors or whoever dreamed up these schemes get out of their comfy armchairs, take a walk around Scarborough and see what is actually going on.

P Smith

Sands Cottages