Cafe review gave helpful feedback

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RE the Cafe Tasters review of the Honeypot cafe.

Our café welcomes the poor review.

Firstly we must say a big thank you to the Café Tasters.

Why? We hear you ask. Well, given that this is our first season manning the busy hive of the Honeypot Café, comments and views of an honest nature tell us where we are getting it right, and also where to pull our socks up!

In our defence of the “price hike”, we reluctantly had to do this as the prices were from last season (we didn’t want to scare off loyal customers). This was pre VAT increase and also the “price hike” forced upon us all from fuel going up etc. As we had absorbed all of these increases we found that we were, in reality, subsidising our customers to the tune of between £50 and £120 per week! Whilst we would love to be classed as local philanthropists, we are actually in business to try and make a profit! So, as the girls will tell you, we reluctantly put out the new menus with new prices. Still, we hasten to add, excellent value for good honest food in pleasant surroundings and superb traditional waitress service (with a sea view even the gulls are envious of).

Our opening times have been something we have been agonising over as we seem to be dependent upon tourists, which, as we all know is quite sporadic and weather reliant. We would love to welcome more Scarborians into the café as we are here for you as well as the transients. We have loyalty cards for this very reason. Come and try our Yorkshire tea or cafetiere coffee and cakes! The more trade we get, the firmer we can make the opening hours (which came first, the chicken or the egg!). At the moment it is 9am every day, and long may this continue. This is your café.

We have already taken steps, in the form of an expensive bain marie, to ensure food is piping hot when it reaches your table. So, Maureen and Michael, we are taking heed of your comments.

Plans are in place to move the conveniences and to make them very clean and swanky – including a paper towel dispenser! We did run out of precious funds before we opened, so it has been on the cards but a necessary push from the review was welcomed! Oh, and our cleaning regime has had an overhaul.

Shereen is no baker so we wouldn’t inflict her home-made scones on the general public for fear of customers’ dental bills arriving in the post! Her home-made savoury dishes which appear on the specials boards (such as lasagne and braising steak), however, ARE highly recommended. She won’t divulge her recipes though, no matter how high the bribe!

So all in all, we would like to thank you Maureen and Michael as your review has pointed us in the right direction and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you both back when we have made everything just right.

Keep up the good work!

All the very best,

Alex, Shereen and the girls

Honeypot Café