Call to keep libraries open - and local

RE: closure of libraries. Is this the philosophy of the Big Society, and is being local the essence of the Government’s policy of doing it for nothing to save the economy, when all has failed?

Why is a rich country that is the envy and admiration of the world for its libraries, which has gained enormous education from a facility that reaches out to communities, closing them?

Read to your children more, states the Deputy Prime Minister. Deprived areas are borrowers, expeditions to find a library are not affordable.

The Public Libraries Act of 1964 states that local authorities have a public duty to supply and sustain libraries, which is the responsibility of the Secretary of State.

Localism mania has cost us £250,000 for firewood at Irton, and the coalition pantomime is a Captain Mainwaring leadership, supported by a cheap pair of braces.

Graham Elliott

The Leas