Car park should have been finished

GREAT exhibition – Shame about the parking.

Congratulations to Scarborough Hospitality Association for organising the Caterall 2011 Exhibition at the Spa Complex.

As an exhibitor myself I was very impressed by the event, delighted at the response I received and overwhelmed by the willingness from everyone concerned in their efforts to help each other.

A real pleasure to be involved with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making their businesses grow and to bringing much needed revenue into this beautiful part of the world.

The only drawback to the event was the subject of parking. The event was booked last year when the organisers were advised that the Spa underground car park would be open for the two days of the exhibition. Even though work was being undertaken at the car park, it would be completed by the end of February 2011.

At 4.30pm on the evening before the exhibition was due to commence the organisers were sent into turmoil on receiving the news that the car park would not be available; 3,500 tickets had been sent out and the organisers didn’t need the stress and worry at this stage.

The council knew the exhibition was taking place. Why did they not advise the contractors that the car park would have to be completed in time?

Come on Scarborough Council. Get your act together, communicate and try to help the businesses of this town who are trying to help you.

Stuart Walker

Conservative candidate for Ramshill

Scalby Road