Careless car park habits

JAMES Giddings’ response to my outrage at the vandalistic parking on grassed areas of Stepney Drive, owned by us tax payers, rather misses my point.

Asking Scarborough Council’s Parks and Countryside Services how much they’ve spent on repairs, he gets the response; nothing. That’s probably because no-one’s repaired the shameful gouges made either side of the asphalted areas providing access to properties, upon which some people still seem reluctant to park, preferring to allow their family and guests to use that bit while they damage the verges. Of course the department spends money on maintaining these areas, its dedicated and professional staff regularly cutting the grass so it looks nice.

Since my original exposure of this practice, I’m pleased to note that most people have stopped their anti-social, selfish parking (though one or two still seem keen to stick up two fingers and carry on regardless).

I’m just as mortified to note a new trend, on Whin Bank and even more dangerously, on the section of Stepney Road leading towards Racecourse Road, past the entrance to the Sixth Form College. On a number of occasions, the owners of swank ‘executive’ vehicles have driven them onto the pavement, between the trees and their property walls, the better, I guess, to avoid getting clacked by motorists overtaking cyclists at speed and consequently on the wrong side of the road. Given that there was a nasty accident there just a couple of weeks ago, I’d have thought it particularly reckless to attempt to negotiate a vehicle out of these confined spaces and into the legitimate flow of traffic.

Mat Watkinson

Stepney Road