Cash being wasted on a massive scale

RE: rise in council tax and Christmas debrief and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

If any one council wanted a gift from Central Government to have a licence to print money, they got it when the Conservative Government created a tax from the ‘poll tax’ and did away with the old rates system.

Council tax, a monster born that thrives on cash injection every 365 days ... fact, and alongside selling off the utilities, water, gas and electricity the amount of money needed to fuel these four mighty monsters is without doubt unbelievable.

The headline of a three per cent increase in council tax flies in the face of the message coming from Number 10 and 11 Downing Street and his ‘Con-Dem Coalition Government. There are over 147 councils who have not raised council tax for 2012/13, and yes a handful who are going ahead with Scarborough Borough Council being one of them.

Yes services need to be kept, and again, yes I agree money is tight, not just for councils but for all of us, but in councils such as Scarborough money is also being wasted on a massive scale, as if they can come to us with their bottomless pit every time, but the only thing is we are at the bottom of the pit and in the mire. The Government Minister, the Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for the Communities and Local Government, has said that those councils who are going ahead with a council tax rise should have a ‘moral duty’ not to, and I wonder if he has ever heard of our council, who like all Tories, really when you look at it have none, moral duties that is, even going ahead to spend our council tax payers’ money on iPads for themselves. What happened to the laptop computers we the council taxpayers bought only a few years ago?

We can see many areas such as the iPads, the Open Air Theatre, the Spa, the Borough Mayoral office, and people in local council around the top table where money can and could have been saved ... it’s not rocket science.

Even this year’s Christmas, yes Christmas 2012 cuts have been made because of a lack of support from Scarborough Borough Council, and when they have a chance of making money alongside traders they cut and bury their heads in the sand.

I went to our town over the festive season and may I say it was drab, the town looked shabby, pavements are a disgrace, Marks & Spencer’s decorations were naff alongside the Christmas tree outside Poundland, and the only ray of light was good old Boyes Store in Queen Street, who never lets its customers down with its festive window display, alongside Santa in the store. No wonder many people go out of town shopping at Christmas time. To entice shoppers in the town they could have given free parking 14 days before Christmas, and a celebrity must be returned to switch on the festive lights, even a small market town like Malton had a ‘Corrie’ celeb to do the honours.

Finally. What are the plans for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Scarborough? My guess is whatever they are we, the council tax payers, will be paying for it, a free all-day concert at the Open Air Theatre and free parking in the town over the weekend and bank holiday would be nice.

Three cheers for Her Majesty The Queen, after all Her Majesty did open the Open Air Theatre ... here’s hoping ... there is time to change all the above.

J Large

Shire Croft