Cash on Spa ill considered

Congratulations on putting the Northgate Report in the public domain, too many of the council’s dealings are carried out in secrecy.

Again we have the laughable statement, if it weren’t so sad, of “an over provision of entertainment venues in Scarborough with the Futurist and the Spa on the same promenade”.

It’s like comparing apples with pears.

The Spa is a concert hall and, as I’ve stated before, it will never ever, ever, ever be a theatre.

The Futurist is a superb auditorium with great facilities. It’s a bit shabby but who’s responsible for that, the Council!

It is dual purpose theatre/cinema and it “feels” like a theatre. The Spa is cold and uninviting with dreadful seating. The last big company visiting Scarborough considered the Spa “not fit for purpose”.

When will the council wake up to the fact that their investment in the Spa was ill considered and how difficult it is for the Futurist to manage the place on a short term lease, acts/shows need to be booked many months in advance.

I’d like to know who booked The Northern Soul gig and the Japanese drumming act for the same night at the Spa.

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road