Cat’s body was treated with dignity

ON Tuesday 22 March I was driving out of Scarborough along Filey Road, just after 10pm, and in the Bramcote School/ Scarborough Sports Centre area, I saw the body of a cat lying in the road.

I stopped my car; unfortunately the little animal was dead, although the accident must have happened not long before.

I carried it to put it on the grass verge and a lady cyclist came over to see if she could help me - I was a bit upset at finding the cat lying in the road; it was a young tabby and white cat; I knocked on doors locally to see if any residents knew whose cat it was, but no one answered.

The cat didn’t have a collar and, as an animal lover, I know how hard it is not to know what has happened to a loved pet who goes missing.

I wondered whether possibly its owner might learn of its fate and if so you could post something in the Evening News.

I hope it comforts the owner to know their little cat’s body was treated with dignity and moved onto the grass verge.

If he or she had still been alive when I found the cat, I was prepared to find a vet to see if it could be treated, but unfortunately it had died before I drove up that road.

Someone surely must be missing that cat - it was in a very well cared for condition.

Gill Ellam

West Street