Catering: Husband had to buy food at hospital

We would like to add our support for the ‘Fight for decent food in hospitals’.

We had a difficult year last year with my husband being in hospital five times with kidney deficiency. Three of those times was in a hospital which did rely on food being frozen and brought in. We believe the distance was not 42 miles but further. We strongly agree with Mr Earnshaw’s comments that good nutrition plays a vital role in treatment and recovery during a hospital stay. My husband was unable to eat the meals provided for him but fortunately was able to walk down to the first floor of the hospital were paninis or sandwiches were available to purchase. The food in Scarborough Hospital was excellent.

Wastage has also been mentioned in letters appearing in the Scarborough News. Have the authorities given thought to the cost of travel and the wastage through patients not eating the transported food. Please, please rethink the steps which you are proposing to take.

My husband is no on dialysis three times a week. From time to time we experience times when he has to be rushed into hospital. Through the media of this letter we would like to sincerely thank the paramedics, our specialist, renal department, doctors, nurses and the Scarborough dialysis team for their help and support given to us.

Christine and Paul Raper

Percy Road