Catering: ‘Seconds’ were in demand!

In response to J Daines’ plea to ‘fight for hospital food’ (Letters, October 24).

I recently spent one week in the stroke unit at Scarborough Hospital and can confirm that the food was first-class. I was well served with three good meals each day, to which I looked forward, and I saw no evidence of waste - in fact there was always a taker for ‘seconds’ when available! It would be an act of vandalism to replace such excellent food, freshly prepared on-site with distantly cooked, chilled and re-heated food from mass-catering kitchens in York.

Also, I spent the following week in the War Memorial Ward in Whitby Hospital where again the three good meals a day were eagerly anticipated, cooked on site and so good that ‘seconds’ were often in demand! Further, I am not alone in visiting Whitby Hospital not merely for the excellent nursing care, but also, and even solely, for the quality of the lunches available there. Again, it would be a highly retrograde step to substitute industrialised catering for such fresh, locally produced, locally cooked, nutritious and palatable provision.

Finally, a big thank you to all the staff concerned on both sites for the excellent care and service which I received.

Parry Thornton

Church Street