Causing more stress for sick people

RE: parking at Scarborough Hospital.

Not only do patients have the stress of over-running the meter, we are now to have fines imposed if we, through no fault of our own, over stay, but it will cost £60, and as this is a private company running this scheme they are in it to make a profit. What a way to treat sick people.

The situation can easily be resolved, first as people are parking on the grass verges, get rid of them, harden them off to make extra parking. Second install a system whereby you get a ticket at the entry barrier when you arrive, which you put in a machine when you are ready to leave so you only pay for the time you use.

This system has the number of parking spaces built into the memory, so it only lets you in if there is a space.

For staff, a plastic card would let them through the barrier.

You can then get rid of the firm which is issuing the fines.

I noticed a suggestion that people use the bus. If half the people who now arrive by car switched to the bus, the queue would be all round the town, and of course to use the bus you would go to town to catch it, by car and still be stuck with a parking problem.

But as far as the hospital staff are concerned, I must say excellent is the description I would use.

D Ainge

Pasture Lane