Cayton residents hit by bus change

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ONCE AGAIN the people who live in rural areas take another hiding from the bus company.

Don’t they realise that without any evening transport people in Cayton won’t be able to go into town to visit the cinema or the theatre, or heaven forbid visit Hull for hospital appointments or seeing sick relatives.

The 121 service is vital for the residents of Cayton and I will make this a personal fight to keep the bus running in some form or another. There is also the problem of the possible house building on a flood plain. This needs a long, hard think. I am standing in the local borough elections for the Liberal Democrats for one of the two Cayton seats.

If elected Cayton residents will, I hope, get sick of me going on about the village, I will fight my hardest for your welfare and with the backing of other elected Lib Dems I know this is a fight that can be won. If the present council can find money for consultants every so often, I am sure they can find some to subsidise the odd bus or two. All you councillors with cars think carefully before the election on May 5 or you may live to regret it.

Barry Pearson

Prospective Liberal Democrat Candidate for Cayton Ward