Celebrating independent education

Having read your article, ‘Latest figures show Scarborough schools’ performance in 2012’, we write as very satisfied Scarborough College parents who take a very keen interest in the education of all children in the area.

In recent years, under the dynamic and enthusiastic headship of Isobel Nixon and as a result of its excellent reputation, the school is a top choice for families of overseas students who themselves bring a richness and diversity to the atmosphere and educational provision of the school. With many of these children having English as a second language a specialist alternative to the English GCSE is taken. This is not permitted to be used in the ‘five GCSEs A*-C including English and maths’ category and therefore does not accurately reflect the outstanding achievements of the children, their teachers and indeed the whole school community.

If the six combined English Baccalaureate subjects of maths, English (which for this can include the overseas specialist English exam results), a foreign language, and three separate sciences it is clear that for grades A*-C, Scarborough College is one of the highest achieving schools in the county, coming 12th out of all 58 schools listed in the North Yorkshire league tables. The results for the Sixth Form are even more impressive with the school achieving third out of the 38 establishments providing education for 16-18-year-olds.

So let’s celebrate that as well as good state schools, Scarborough is also lucky enough to be able to provide great independent education too.

Mark and Jane Bozeat

Filey Road