Challenging times for cafe’s staff

RE: SUN Court Cafe Review.

Your reviewers should be aware that the staff at these premises have had to cope with the most challenging working conditions for some months now while the Spa Complex ‘improvement’ works have ground forward.

It would appear that there have been disruptions in the kitchens, problems with the heating system and diesel fumes blowing in from the main work area, as well as the more obvious drawbacks of the main cafe entrance being boarded up and regular doses of dust and noise coming through temporary partitions.

It is also fair to speculate that the rather eratic opening hours policy of a mainly seasonal cafe may have led to problems with ordering sufficient supplies and keeping the place fully staffed.

Notwithstanding these difficulties, I must say that I have always found the frontline employees cheerful and helpful, even when they have been reduced to running the place single-handedly.

The food and drinks in my experience have been perfectly adequate for an off-season, seafront cafe, even if they do fail to include the luxury of ‘real chips’ and frothy coffee.

Against these shortcomings, patrons have the significant advantages of beautiful views, bracing walks and enough room to stretch their legs - a wonderful contrast to the sardine can environments of many town centre establishments.

Your reviewers should visit the place again on a nice warm summer’s day when the band is playing and the refurbishment is complete.

Far From the Madding Crowd...

Dr Kevin Leighton

Newby Farm Road