Change will be as good as a rest

RE: COUNCIL leader’s attack over cuts.. Roxy attacks Foxy

As the Conservative leader of the council says, and I quote, ‘the frontloading of the Comprehensive Spending Review creates massive issues. Massive cuts in the next financial year may result in the council (i.e. the Conservatives) losing authority and making it impossible to implement the Big Society agenda’. Giving us the power (says the leader) is fine but with that “has” to come authority’.

This means, in plain English, that the savage cuts in public finances will damage the local Conservatives chances of retaining power in Scarborough so, Mr Local Government Minister Pickles, please don’t make the cuts. We have authority now and we would like to keep it and if you impose these nasty cuts on us then some unworthy group might take control of the council.

However, it seems that the pleading of the leader of the council has fallen on deaf ears.

His bosses in London are not listening; ironically just as most of our current council don’t listen to the people now.

Consequently, at the local level here in Scarborough, this will mean that we will have to find savings of £2.5 million in the 2011/2012 financial year and similar amounts in subsequent years. This will have an adverse impact on virtually every service that the Council provides. Our libraries still may close, our parks and gardens will have no Park Rangers to protect them and the consultants will be working overtime making staff redundant.

So Mr Council leader, it looks as though you are on your own; white knight Eric Pickles is not riding to your rescue.

Your government, with their soon to be extinct if the Oldham result is anything to go by, Lib/Dem allies, are going to implement the cuts no matter what you say. This may well result in you losing your grip on power.

However, you may have no fear that you losing authority (power) will be as bad for the town, or indeed the wider Borough, as you think, change; it seems to me, will be as good as a rest for most residents of Scarborough.

Roxanne Murphy

Independent candidate

Seamer and Irton