Children will suffer if fields are built on

As a Newby councillor I was invited to a Save Moor Lane Field Action Group at St Mark’s and I was very encouraged with the turn out of about 75 members.

It was a well-structured, fair and balanced meeting and I feel through your letters page that I would like to lend my support.

Newby is between two conurbations and we have not got the luxury of the amenities of other villages. What we have is natural beauties of the Moor Lane field and the trees down Throxenby Lane, if they go what do we have?

In the Beatles record it says you don’t know what you have lost until it has gone, carry these absurb ideas on and we will live to regret it.

We all know if we build on this green field, first the children will suffer but my main concern is about the flooding in this area. You see it on the news all the time when there is heavy down pours, these poor people there lives are turned upside down.

So people in Newby I beg of you don’t give up without a fight, write to me and send your letters to the town hall.

Also I note that our local MP Mr Robert Goodwill is for preserving green spaces and he urged caution.

Cllr Andrew Jenkinson

Lady Ediths Avenue