Christmas: Frankenstein and Merc!

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Well did Santa bring you what you wanted?

It was a long drag up to Christmas when TV adverts started before Halloween, did you all get your new sofa? Who was your favourite for the X-Factor or I’m a Celebrity?

The little nativity play in one area made me laugh when the gifts given by the Three Kings to baby Jesus some what changed, one out of the three was right which was gold, the other two, Frankenstein and a Merc, good ablibing, how times have changed.

One of my children wanted an iPhone, the other wanted an iPad, and for my wife I got an i-ron, ha ha, that joke was found in a Christmas cracker. One person told me that you can always tell when Christmas is on the cards when the superstores get the Easter eggs in?

Finally, before I close my letter, I would like to say I do miss the six days a week Evening News, and many of my friends do too, again how times have changed, not for the better, well I wish you all a Happy New Year, and my new year’s wish is to reverse the closure of the Futurist theatre on the South Bay in Scarborough. Let’s hope it can be done?

Happy 2014.

J Large

Shire Croft