Churches: Events were inspirational

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I visited recently two women’s events in Scarborough.

Firstly at Scarborough Christian Fellowship in Castle Road, and secondly at The Summit, St Nicholas Street.

The Scarborough Christian Fellowship event was lovely, telling us that we can worship God in our ordinary every day lives, as in housework, career, bringing up children, and no matter what we are doing in our life, God is right there with us as we offer our day to Him and worship him in every day activities. God loves to be with us and receive our worship in this way, He is with us in every moment.

There was then a coffee break with time to chat with each other and a late lunch, which was more like a feast - the like of which I haven’t seen since being in New Zealand many years ago where I was invited to share Christmas Day with guests at the home of a princess, daughter of a chieftain, from one of the islands nearby.

I was very honoured at the time. A beautiful table of food had been laid out, which included various marinated seafood. I had been missing my family, feeling home sick, so this was a very unexpected and a super celebration.

The beautiful spread that Scarborough Christian Fellowship put on recently had everything to tempt the palate, not to mention all the lovely delicious sweets and puddings.

We were all given a pretty box with an inspirational quotation inside and some chocolates. We made little groups of six ladies and we hadn’t to know each other if we could avoid it, and then worked together. It was a lovely time of sharing.

The next event was held at The Summit, being a pamper day for ladies, with talks in the morning and then free time to go out for lunch.

Pampering followed in the afternoon and included painting glass and nail painting beauty for hands, and a gift stall. There followed a few more talks.

We were then told to make a love tunnel and six ladies started the tunnel off by raising their arms, and as the rest of the ladies passed under the arch they were given words of encouragement or a passage from the Bible by the ladies of the arch.

The conclusion was that when we returned to our seats, little gifts were waiting for us.

Two lovely events.

Mrs Val Goddard

Commercial Street