Cinema bids: I’d rather have open space

Re ‘North Street cinema plan could be shelved’ (Scarborough News, July 10).

Although you may be keen to have the choice of several films to watch in Scarborough, and are disappointed that the Shaws’ proposals have been shelved by the council, I have to say that the prospects of a multi-screen cinema being built in the town have not been altered in any significant way as they were close to zero anyway.

At the time Chapman’s Yard was redeveloped, the original proposal was for a multi-screen cinema with some retail on the ground floor. What we got was TK-Maxx on the ground floor with JJB Sports (and latterly a pound shop) on the upper floor.

The reason for not building the cinema was that the developers could not find a national chain interested in running it. As far as I can see, nothing has changed; Scarborough still has the same demographics and those living around the town in Malton, Pickering etc are as close to York as here. There are several multi-screen cinemas in York and Hull and even a three screen cinema in Bridlington.

As neither the Shaws nor Roland Duce and the Sands company have named an operator they have an agreement with, one can only assume that both proposals would be subject to the same alteration which often affects developments.

I have to say I am pleased that the North Street proposal has been ditched, if only because it saves us from more appalling taste in architecture – the idea of a whole street looking like the casino is not a pleasant thought.

We need to make the town more attractive, not less. Besides which, if the council decide that we no longer need a car park in North Street then there should be a debate about what we do want there!

I would vote for open space as we have so little of it in the town – a market square which could house public events as well as regular and one-off markets – we could even (following Le Grand Depart) make it a little French, cafes, newspaper kiosk, perhaps a boules pitch!

Paul Ironside

Throxenby Lane