Climate change: Striving to avoid disaster

In response to the letter from C Gray (Scarborough News, February 12) the figure for 200 properties being lost to the sea over the next 100 years came from the Environment Agency, as reported on the BBC website by environment analyst Roger Harrabin and in The Scarborough News.

I did not read the original Environment Agency report so I do not know which properties are at risk, although it is pretty obvious that Knipe Point is a prime candidate as well as any properties on unstable cliffs by the sea or near the actual sea level.

How long it will take before they are affected will depend on the speed of climate change, the amount of extreme weather and the resources available to attempt protection.

We should, of course, do our best to avoid producing too many climate-changing gases, and also avoid new building in places which could be at risk.

Dilys Cluer

Green Party

Alexandra Park