Clubs face going under

RE: SPIRALLING costs prove difficult for swimming clubs to stay afloat, Evening News (Dec 1).

As a parent who is currently involved in local swimming, it comes as no surprise to read about the extortionate fees both local swimming clubs are paying to the borough council for pool hire.

These figures are not made up by the clubs and currently jointly stand at over £80,000 per year. The fees are always on an upward tariff and with the pool closed for the majority of December it leaves the clubs facing additional worries like reduced membership through loss of continuity.

The clubs have to work tirelessly to raise these staggering amounts so the members can improve their swimming skills.

It is beyond comprehension how the council can charge such large amounts in what can only be described as “the great lane robbery”.

Scarborough Council, you should be proud of your athletes and not treat them or their parents as “easy money” based on the assumption of having no alternative facilities to use.

Neil Heaton

Newby Farm Crescent