Coastliner: Save our service

I think that there must be very many Coastliner bus users who are unaware of what North Yorkshire County Council is proposing in relation to the cutting of bus subsidies. It looks as if everyone who uses the 840 bus between Malton and Whitby could end up with no service during the winter months. I only heard this news by chance and was unable to get to the only drop in session where the proposals were being explained, as it was for two hours at Malton Library, and not timed to coincide with the bus from Goathland.

So far I have been unable to find out whether officials are prepared to conduct another session that would be more accessible to the people potentially affected.

These proposals have been given very little publicity, making the ‘consultation’ exercise meaningless. The manager of Coastliner says they know nothing about them. I am surprised they are not being invited to take part in the consultation process as they would presumably have useful information to contribute.

I think we need to make as much fuss as possible about the possible loss of this vital service, the withdrawal of which does not seem to fit with the stated policy of North Yorkshire County Council - of helping people to access vital services and travel links.

There are apparently paper questionnaires available at the library or the questions can be answered on line. I shall also make sure they are available at the post office in Goathland and at The Dispensary in Hunter Street. I hope our county councillors and local newspaper will give their support to the fight to retain this bus route throughout the year.

I believe that the closing date for receiving submissions is June 30, so it is really important that as many people as possible respond quickly.

Please will anyone who feels they would like to help, contact me at or on (01947) 896481.

Jackie Fearnley