Comes to halt

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Once again the city’s road system comes to a halt due to an accident.

But why do they have to close West Street for two hours? It is not a murder scene but it is overkill by the police in this city. What a mess we have every time this happens. The whole city repeatedly comes to a halt and nothing is done to stop it.

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Worst bus route

THE worst bus route is the No 4, which is supposed to run every hour. It very often does not come at all, in fact, two buses were missing on Friday, March 4. A number of OAPs use this bus. Why do some buses run every few minutes and are empty. Why can’t we have one hourly?

S Aistrop, Sheffield S11

Doing nothing

IT’S time councillors got off their backsides and went round. A quarter of estates have gardens which are a disgrace. Even when you go on the motorway, rubbish is all over. What are the councils doing? Nothing, yet they can spend all that money on a thousand police just to protect Nick Clegg.

Jack Tompkins, Sheffield S5