Comments were unfair

I CONSIDER the comments by Mr Dean Tulley regarding Cllr Derek Bastiman to be unwarranted.

Cllr Bastiman, as a ward and parish councillor for Scalby, has every right to speak and protect the people of Scalby on any problems that arise, and the wind turbine proposed by Mr Tulley, to be erected on farmland owned, but not farmed, by Mr Tulley, and which would have been higher than the Valley Bridge, only 205 metres from my home, would most certainly have created many problems for the people of Scalby, surrounding areas, and Scarborough tourism.

Cllr Bastiman has always stated to us he is a supporter of wind turbines at sea but not on land.

Mr Tulley should gain proper procedural knowledge before making complaints.

J Scales

Barmoor Lane