Complaint over bus services

RE: NO bus service April 27 and April 28 in Moor Lane owing to closure of Throxenby Lane

On Wednesday April 27, I walked to the bus stop in Moor Lane near the Hospice to catch the 9.02 14 bus into town. I read a notice on the bus stop to say that there would be no bus service to Moor Lane for two days, owing to the closure of Throxenby Lane for resurfacing.

I had a doctors appointment for 9.30am which I have to make every month because of my health (heart problems), so I had to walk to Scalby Road to catch a bus into town, so by the time the bus arrived and got to the doctors I was one hour late. I had to wait until the end of surgery at noon to see a doctor because of the appointment made that day. To return to Moor Lane I had to get off the bus at the hospital and walk up the hill on Throxenby Lane, with my heart problems it took quite a while.

At 6.15pm on Wednesday April 27 the no 14 bus came up Moor Lane from Hackness Road, backed into Ling Hill to turn around and drove back down Moor Lane. My point is, why could the bus do that at 6.15pm and not during the day to pick passengers up as usual. Lots of people visit the St Catherine’s Hospice, so were unable to for two days by bus. I phoned the bus company to ask why, they said, the bus should not have gone up Moor Lane, so why if they can turn round at 6.15pm why not all day.

Also the wheelie bin collects Wednesday and Thursday. This week in Throxenby Lane, fun and games. Why couldn’t Scarborough Borough Council have chosen Monday and Tuesday to close Throxenby Lane. It makes sense, no council refuse collections then.

Mr DJ Twyford

Moor Lane