Confusion followed parish council meeting

RE the report on the Eastfield Parish Council meeting: I was one of the residents that attended and the content was mixed up.

The first thing that happened at the meeting was the police report, and the introduction of a new WPC for the estate, she was warmly welcomed by everyone.

Mr Randall answered a couple of questions and took some notes, then left to watch football.

The Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator was next, spoke for a couple of minutes then left to watch football. On public matters, there was talk of overtaking on grass verges, footpaths (various areas), then a gentleman from Beech Walk asked about a CCTV camera that he said Cllr Simpson had promised them in the planning stages of the park. He was told that he had never said it, then another gentleman stood up, and very loudly had an argument with Cllr Simpson, who proceeded to threaten to close the meeting. The parish council is unaccustomed to being asked anything or challenged when they get things wrong.

Myself and about another six residents then left, as it was pointless to stay. In no way was the gentleman who was speaking loudly a spokesman for me or anyone else. The other people left after us.

Kristina Pinder

Northwold Road

Eastfield, Scarborough