Confusion over hospital visit

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RE: SCARBOROUGH Hospital signs. Let us hope no-one is in a hurry to try and find their way at Scarborough Hospital.

If you go to the lifts near the main entrance, the signs tell you that you are now on floor one and that Oak Ward, for instance, is on floor three.

Get into the lift and press the button for floor two and you will alight on what is now called floor three – there is no button in the list for floor three. Confused? – so was I. Consequently, visitors are left wandering about on the wrong floor until passing staff point them in right direction.

I asked, and it seems that after lengthy discussion with staff and patients where the coloured floor lines were universally praised for being clear and easy referred to (ie ‘Where’s X-Ray?’ ‘Just follow the blue line’) management have decided to do away with the lines altogether. They have, instead, provided an even more confusing signage system than before. The irrelevant colour coding and size of lettering makes the signs much harder to read than plain and simple black on white, so I advise anyone coming in to leave extra time to find the correct destination – no point in expecting the signs to help. Well done Scarborough Hospital – what a waste of money!

Andrew Peters

Seamer Road