Congratulations to the Labour Party candidates

I WOULD like to offer through the columns of your newspaper my heartiest congratulations to all the Labour Party candidates at the borough elections.

It is very encouraging to note, that along with the increase in elected Labour councillors, tripling their original numbers, there was a significant message sent via the electorate in many of the wards contested by Labour that there was a resurgence of faith in Labour to deliver for the residents of this borough.

Numbers were up more than twice from the last local elections. This council needs credible opposition to enable it to function for the good of this borough, I believe that Labour can and will provide this constructive opposition against the ruling Tory/Independent Political Groups.

The Liberal Democrats have been “found out” by the electorate to be a party without policies or any credibility and the only seats they kept were in the Eastfield Ward, but here again the Labour vote is gaining momentum with all the candidates polling in the high 200s. Which all bears well for the future of Labour in the borough.

Whitby also has demonstrated it is willing to support Labour with again all Labour candidates securing a large part of the vote and running the Tories/Independents very close in a number of wards, certainly across the borough it was “Squeaky Bum” time for some well established councillors.

I personally and on behalf of Unite the Union look forward to a good strong working relationship with the newly elected Labour Group on Scarborough Borough Council and wish councillors Colin Challen, Castle; Dave Billing, Central; Eric Broadbent, Central; John Ritchie, Falsgrave Park; Subash Sharma, North Bay; Steve Bairstow, Woodlands,

A very successful term of office. I am sure they will be a credit to the constituents they represent.

Tony Randerson

Regional Officer Unite the Union

Ashville Avenue