Conspiracy to run down parks service

I AM a local allotment holder and with a group of fellow gardeners was lucky enough to get an invite to Manor Road depot a few short years ago.

We were shown round by the then manager, Roger Burnett, and some of his staff, in the early evening, after their day’s work was done.

The visit was educational and I learned much that helped make me and my friends better gardeners. Since then Manor Road staff have often been to our annual meetings and to events around the town when they have allowed us to pick their brains. It’s not been all one way, the parks department have used our site to deposit leaf litter which they found costly to dispose of.

I’m not normally one who suffers conspiracy theorists gladly, but I cannot help feeling that a clear pattern is emerging around recent events

1. About a year ago, a nationally recognised horticulturist is removed from office.

2. Someone from the cleaning services put in charge?

Oh what a surprise to find that now the Manor Road depot is to close, and that plant procurement is to be put out to tender. All of these things lead me to believe that our parks services are to be run down, and that that decision has been engineered over a couple of years.

No more prizes from the Trafford show, or visitors brought here by our renowned flower displays.

If anyone knows who in our council offices has a grudge against what has been a first class service to the town, or worse an interest in profit from its closure, do let me know, before the next council elections please.

Wavell Scott

Prospect Road, Scarborough