Consultant payments

I entirely agree with Mick Jefferson’s column (February 15) regarding payments to consultants.

Some weeks ago in a previous letter to you, I suggested that Harry Smith, sometime borough engineer, must be spinning in his grave in view of the tens of thousands of pounds spent on consultants. It was he who oversaw the building of the Italian Gardens, North and South bay swimming pools, Peasholm Park, the Glen, the Glen Bridge, Open Air Theatre, Clock Tower Cafe and many other works. I’m prepared to say he spent nothing on consultants. Without the aid of paid consultants, this council would not be able to erect a garden shed.

Moving on to the controversial topic of the Spa sea defences, the Spa is, I believe, a grade 2 listed building. If I lived in a grade 2 building and the perimeter wall was in need of support, would I be allowed to dump a heap of concrete in front of it? I think not.

Let anyone install UPVC windows within a preservation area and the council is down on them like a ton of bricks.

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road