Council are not in charge of trust

RE ‘DISGRACEFUL ground sale’ letter.

I refer to Mr Mills’ letter and his assertion that Scarborough Borough Council should’ve used the Plaxtons legacy for a new football ground.

The council are not the administrators of this trust. For clarity, there are independently appointed trustees appointed to administer it. Through the trust they have provided substantial sheltered housing on Woodlands Drive to name just one scheme and contributed to many others.

To the football ground and the old club, the council didn’t make it bankrupt, but it has committed itself to a new development, free from incumbent debt of the poorly administered former football club, and which through the new untainted club, Scarborough Athletic and their recently retired chairman, Richard Adamson, a clearer vision of how the club may operate within a new ground facility was and is starting to emerge.

And I ask, why would the Plaxton Trustees want to ‘take on’ a football ground?

Mr Mills, speak to the trustees for all the answers, including your unjustified suggestion that nothing has come out of the trust and its work!

TW Fox

Town Hall