Council: Go easy on the parking tickets

The time is fast approaching when the borough council will be looking at what services they can cut in order to meet Government targets on Council Tax spending.

I can make one suggestion to them where savings can be made.

On Wednesday night (November 13) at around 7pm I saw two council traffic management officers patrolling Westbourne Grove heading down towards Valley Road.

Considering that parking restrictions end at 5pm and car park/street parking charges at 6pm. I must question the need for patrols to continue after these times. It is not just during the week when this happens, as I have observed, again two officers together, strolling round town on a Sunday evening in winter when most streets were devoid of any parked vehicles.

I presume that weekend and evening work will be at enhanced pay rates, so I am sure that over the period of a year considerable financial savings can be made if their working hours finished at 6pm.

I particularly checked last week on any vehicles parked illegally on double yellow lines and saw none, so the excuse cannot be made that during their winter hours it is a self-financing occupation.

I would much prefer to see cutbacks on traffic management than social services, so come on Scarborough Borough Council, stop persecution of council tax payers out of hours, the amount of yellow stickers on windscreens during the day should be sufficient income to you, and as they mostly seem to be handed to visitors usually means they never come back!

RM Hird

Trinity Gardens