Council has no mandate to dispose of town’s heritage

I FEEL I must write in support of Cllr Norman Murphy’s excellent letter re the sale of the Town Hall site, and Manor Road Nurseries. I agree with him, who do this Tory led council think they are.

They are voted in for a brief period (unfortunately far less brief than it ought to be in many cases), to represent the interests of their constituents, and as custodians of the town’s assets.

They do not own anything, they have not got a mandate to dispose of the town’s heritage. It is high time that Cllr Tom Fox and his cohorts got real and realised their purpose, they are there to do as the town, those that elected them, tell them, not the other way round.

The way this council performs is very similar to the mafia due to the cabinet system of local government, which although they were not responsible for introducing, that they have taken full advantage of, the major portfolios are held by the “in crowd”, “the hard core” of career councillors.

As far as I am concerned it is very fortunate that we have “the voices of reason” in both councillors Murphy and Popple, both of whom follow their consciences free from narrow political motivation, they are as they claim independents.

They both speak honestly on many of the issues affecting the town, many of which are discussed “behind closed doors” for trumped up reasons such as “sensitive financial issues being discussed”, so that we would never know the outcomes without these basically honest men.

Of course if the ruling factions manage to shift the council chamber out to the margins of the town it will be easier to hold meetings in secret, as far less people would be able to attend anyway.

It is high time that there were changes made to the way local government in this town is managed, or mismanaged, depending on one’s point of view. I would suggest that certain information is routinely provided to the electorate 1) That attendance records for all council meetings are prominently published regularly. 2) That voting records are divulged for the issues decided by the council, so that we can deduce how our councillor voted, and whether we ought to retain his/her services in the future.

In this age of advanced technology and lap tops, and iPads, this should not be difficult, and it would restore a modicum of democracy to the proceedings, which has been sadly lost.

Mr F Dore

Maple Drive